Industrial Pigments

about usWith one of the world’s broadest lines of luminescent pigments, Honeywell offers its phosphorescent and fluorescent products in a variety of delivery forms to suit virtually any application.

Honeywell’s Lumilux® line of luminescent pigments has been used for more than four decades to meet the rigorous brightness standards required in glowing safety equipment and signage applications. Honeywell offers the industry’s largest portfolio of phosphorescent and fluorescent pigments that can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Safety signage
  • Instrument panels and dashboards for automobiles and aircraft
  • Automatic sorting processes
  • Watch dials
  • Injection-molded toys and novelty items
  • Paints and coatings
  • Other specialty applications

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Known for their glow-in-the-dark properties, these pigments store energy when exposed to the sun or an artificial light source, and emit light long after the source has been removed. Honeywell offers phosphorescent products with two different chemistries designed to meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards:

  • Lumilux® N: Zinc sulfide-based products
  • Lumilux SN: Strontium aluminate based products, which feature significantly higher initial brightness and longer afterglow periods than zinc sulfide-based products

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Designed for automatic processes that require bright, fade-resistant ultraviolet fluorescent printing inks, such as mail sorting or manufacturing lines, Honeywell Lumilux® fluorescent pigments provide a high level of signal strength. Each pigment is specifically produced to provide excellent batch-to-batch consistency, which helps to ensure signal strength is constant across all materials using the pigment.

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